Wind Symphony Tour

I just got back from a five day tour in Colorado with CSU Long Beach. We played in Denver, Colorado Springs, and visited Breckenridge. I really enjoyed the trip. We did four shows in three days and it was a lot of work, but we did a pretty good job. I’m glad to be home.

I am in my last semester of school, and I look forward to my senior recital and grad school auditions during the semester. I did my first grad school audition a couple weeks ago, and I have the last two the first weekend of February. I won’t know when my recital is going to be until around the same time as my auditions.

So I am getting ready to work on album number five in addition to the albums that I have begun producing. It looks like I will have people helping me out on the next one, so I am quite excited about that. Now it is only a matter of who gets to decide what music is going on it. I am rooting for my newer music, and there is also a vote out for a combination of new and old music. So, we will have to see.

The last ten songs I’ve listened to (I had a lot of opportunity to listen to new music in Colorado!):
1. Circles – Switchfoot
2. I Got You – Third Day
3. River – The Swingle Singers
4. All of my Days – Alexi Murdoch
5. Time – Chieli Minucci
6. Days Go By – Lifehouse
7. Stay With Me – Finch
8. Who Are They? – Carter Burwell
9. Last Night – Carolina Liar
10. Friend Like You – Joshua Radin

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