Humidity and Instruments Don’t Mix Well

The summer concert season always keeps me busy, and I have been enjoying doing a lot of gigs on keyboards. Although, last night I had a very unique experience at my gig. The gig was outdoors near the ocean, so it was quite humid. During soundcheck, my keyboard worked just fine, but when we went to start the first set about an hour later, it was distorting whenever I tried to play. For about twenty minutes, the entire band was running around trying to figure out what the problem was. I kept saying it was the humidity (electronics… pfff), so finally, the percussionist ran and asked to borrow a blow dryer. Thankfully this gig was a private party, so a blow dryer was accessible. I spent most of the gig with a blow dryer in my left hand pointed at the keyboard so that the moisture wouldn’t build up while continuing to play with my right. Unfortunately, I now have to get a new keyboard, but I’m keeping the old one for future outdoor gigs…

I recently had an interview published on World Wide Jazz where I talk about my new album. I tried not to give too much away!

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