Less than 50 Days to Pre-Order My New Album


There are less than 50 days left to pre-order my new album, Behind Your Eyes, and take advantage of the Kickstarter-only offers available as part of the pre-release.

First and foremost I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to pledge to my Kickstarter campaign to help me finish my latest record. I appreciate your support so very, very much!

If you haven’t already pledged, you’re missing out on a ton of exclusive updates like photos from in the studio, videos, the opportunity to hear sound clips of the new songs before they are officially released, the artwork as it is created by a really talented artist (Gini Bailey), and a lot of other fun stuff. It’s only $1 to get access to all of the album updates (plus you get a free mp3 from the album).

There are quite a few offers available as part of the Kickstarter campaign that won’t be available after Nov 9th, so if you want to take advantage of this limited offer, be sure to check out the project.

Here’s a few things that won’t be available after the campaign ends:

  • My entire music catalog for only $45 (that’s at least 75 songs)
  • Handwritten lyrics and lyric books as part of a numbered and limited series
  • The opportunity to have any song recorded by me on any instrument I play
  • And, of course, you get the album before any one else

CLICK HERE to become a backer and to be a part of my new album.

The album’s expected release date in November/December 2012. And so far, 5 of the 11 songs have already been announced!

If I don’t reach the goal, all of the money is returned to the backers, so the all the awesome rewards listed to the right won’t be available. Help me reach the goal so that you can take advantage of these one-time only offers!

I greatly appreciate your support!




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