The Inspiration for the songs from Never My Love


12. Lost the Reason – One of the great things about being an artist, is that you have the means to channel, explore, and exploit the unfortunate and inevitable tribulations, struggles, and heartbreaks that are an unavoidable part of life. That’s not to say, of course, that we don’t write about the happy stuff too. Lost the Reason was originally titled “Lost the Reason I Fell in Love”, but I thought it was too long so I shortened it.

13. All It Takes – This is one of those “I’ve got a writing bug at one in the morning and I can’t go to bed” songs, which unfortunately, I get on an almost daily basis. So, All It Takes is about all it takes for me to be able to go to sleep – get the song out of my head and into a music session!
Fun Facts: I was originally going to record this song on EWI, an electronic saxophone.

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