The Inspiration for the songs from Almost That Time of Year


14. Almost That Time of Year – There is already so much Christmas music out there, and it is all really great music, but it has all been recorded by so many artists before me already. I wanted to create a Christmas song that was uniquely my own and expressed some of what Christmas is for me. I initially created “Almost” as a joke. I made up a bass line and had a friend sing it while I improvised words (intentionally cheesy) about what defined Christmas. I wrote them down and recorded it later that night (they just wouldn’t get out of my head). I sent the song to several people, including my manager, who all thought it was the perfect Christmas song. Almost That Time of Year was on the radio the next day – less than twenty-four hours after I wrote it! I couldn’t believe it.

15. The Greatest Gift – I wrote the song (not the lyrics) for Greatest Gift first. I had just come home from a tour, and the song was my expression of how great it is to come home. It was initially called “Feels Good to Be Home Again.” I then had the challenge of adding lyrics. I wrote the song about what it feels like to be in someone’s arms when you know they’re thinking about someone else. Of course, I didn’t want the song to be too depressing, so I wrote it as a duet so the listener could hear both perspectives and realize that the girl (in this case) was not really thinking about someone else and she just wanted him to see that (which is what the Greatest Gift is).
We changed the key of this song three times before finally settling on C Major as the key it would be recorded in so that it was in a good vocal range for us both.

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