Thank you KSBR 88.5 for the Wonderful Interview Opportunity

Earlier this morning I had a lot of fun doing a radio interview over at KSBR 88.5 with Garrison West where we talked about the new album, the upcoming album release parties and music, in general. I dragged (a hint of exaggeration) the husband along and he had the chance to talk about his three-month old album and tribute to George Benson. We closed out the interview with a live version of “No One to Catch Me”, an original composition from my new album.

Thank you again Garrison and the team at KSBR for having me in for an interview. It was a lot of fun and I’m so happy you were willing to debut my new album on air!

Even if you aren’t in SoCal, you can check out the station online – They play a lot of great jazz and smooth jazz (and yours truly). And don’t forget, you can always call in to request “something by Shannon Kennedy”. šŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Thank you KSBR 88.5 for the Wonderful Interview Opportunity

  1. Congrats! I keep meaning to listen to your tracks but I seem to never remember when I am in front of a computer with speakers (ie not at work). And I rarely listen to music so it doesn’t come up šŸ˜¦
    But I was thinking on getting a couple of songs or the album for Christmas

  2. that’s so cool. i’m sorry i missed it. are you signed up with soundexchange? cause you should be and you’ll get royalties every time your album is played. i get them sirius/ xm plays my comedy album… xo, sm

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