The Time my Saxophone Was Stolen

One of the most traumatic experiences I ever went through musically was during my junior year in high school when I was at a festival and my tenor sax and flute were stolen.
At the festival, I was performing with two groups, playing alto sax in one and tenor sax and flute in the other. While we were playing, we left our equipment backstage where parents and volunteers were supposed to be watching it. It was the first performance of the two and I was playing alto sax, so my flute was in my tenor case with my tenor backstage.

At the end of the performance, we went backstage to put our gear away. After I put my alto away, I went to grab my cases and go outside when I realized my tenor case wasn’t where I left it. I walked the length of the hallway several times, still not finding it and waited until everyone else had left to make sure it wasn’t buried under anything. After the hall cleared out, all that was still there was me, my alto, and my friend. My tenor and flute were no where in sight.

I walked outside the building really upset, and one of the parents found me and asked me what was wrong. I told them what had happened and they went and told my band director. He got really upset and went to find the band that was putting there gear away while we were performing.

No one at that school admitted to taking it, but they went through all the cases on the bus and found mine with my identification tags removed off my cases shoved back behind other gear.

The band director and one of the musicians that I knew in the group brought it back to me saying that they were sorry and they didn’t know who had taken it. I was pretty upset, but glad to get my sax and flute back.



6 thoughts on “The Time my Saxophone Was Stolen

  1. Phew! As a fellow saxophonist I can imagine how horrified I would be if someone took mine. Worse than that, as musicians we trust each other, don’t we? The thought that someone I make music with could also think of taking my stuff is sickening. I’m glad, in the end, you got your instruments back. What a horror story!

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