3 Month Goal Check In

Earlier I discussed what my goals were for 2013 and so today I’d like to do a public check-in on the status of my goals to help keep myself accountable. So here’s where I’m at.

1. Finish another project whether it’s another one of my own or the collaboration idea that’s been discussed. This is in progress and I’ll hopefully announce what it’s going to be soon!

2. Release a few singles. I currently have two in the works. 

3. Exercise more regularly. For just over a month I’ve been to the gym a minimum of three times a week. That’s the longest I’ve ever gone consecutively in my entire adult life. I still don’t love exercising, but I feel disappointed in myself when I miss a day, so I always make it up the next. I can’t wait to start seeing a difference!

4. Teen Jazz continues to grow. The traffic is very near twice what it was when I established this goal. So I’d like to change this goal a bit and say I want Teen Jazz’s traffic to be four times what it was at the start of the  year.

5. Basic conversations in language #5. My husband bought me the Pimsleur Croatian disc set and it is actually working really well for me. I’m on lesson 11 (I do each lesson at least twice and listen to them everyday). So far I can say quite a bit and I’ve retained almost everything I’ve learned. I’m definitely going to have to get the Pimsleur discs in other languages. It’s still not an entire conversation though!

6. Write a couple more eBooksI’m still working on the first one! 

7. Fix my teeth. I’ve had braces but I stopped wearing my retainers but I’ve started wearing them again. It hurts and it’s hard to do especially since I’m trying to practice saxophone everyday, but I wear them as much as I can.

8. Practice/play everyday for an entire year. I have yet to miss a single day of practice this year. This is something I’m really proud of because there have been a few times where it would have been really easy to skip a day, but I made the time anyway.

9. Cross at least one thing off my bucket list. Nothing yet.

10.  Do something I’ve never done before. Nothing yet, but it’s still early in the year.

Did you make goals for the new year? If you did, where are you at?

4 thoughts on “3 Month Goal Check In

  1. There is a saying that if you want to see God laugh, make a plan. It seems since I went out of teaching, it really applies to me.
    While you have quite a few concurrent goals, I’m happy (and strangely proud) that you are on the positive side of the progress curve. Keep up the good work.


    • Thank you! I’m pretty excited about that one. I know technically I should practice everyday, but it’s way harder than one might think. But I’m only three months in, we’ll see how the other nine go.

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