Now That I’m Caught Up

If you’ve followed me here from my previous blog (eurolinguiste), you know that I love learning new languages, writing music, playing music, reading, cooking, photography, traveling and writing.

In addition to this blog, Teen Jazz is where I combine almost all of these passions to help provide a resource and a community for other up and coming musicians.

Teen Jazz has actually been around since 2004. I’ve gone through various periods where I’ve contributed a lot to it and other periods where I didn’t have time to manage it.

While I was at school I was focused on my studies (thankfully they were in things I love – music and foreign language), so I let a lot of my other interests slide. Since I’ve graduated, I have spend quite a bit of time “catching up.” One of those things was Teen Jazz.

But now that Teen Jazz has been completely redesigned, the archive articles all back up and tons of new content added, I’ve can now explore other things that I’ve put off to the side while.

In the last few months, I’ve started a podcast as a part of Teen Jazz where I feature the music of up and coming musicians and answer questions our artists submit via the website.

The podcast is something totally new for me and it’s both exciting and intimidating. I’m currently posting a new episode about once a month (this weekend will see the third episode) and I’m still exploring its potential.

I’d absolutely love feedback on the podcast, so if you have a moment to head over and check it out, I would appreciate it immensely. The podcast is completely free and you can either download them through itunes or stream the episodes directly.Image

If you enjoy it, I would be incredibly grateful for any reviews on iTunes! I currently don’t have anyway to track the number of subscribers, so the only way I know how I’m doing is through reviews.

Thank you in advance for your time and all of your support!

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