Re-Purposing Wine Crates

I don’t know why, but I absolutely love the idea of re-purposing wine crates. Ever since M and I started planning our wedding (we just celebrated our one-year anniversary last month), I’ve developed this obsession.

The first wine crate project I took on wasn’t actually to re-purpose an existing wine crate, I actually designed my own. The second was a blanket basket wine crate my dad built from scratch. We placed wine labels on the box and I ended up using it as a book case instead. The next was a craft storage dresser that my father built using wine crates as the drawers and top storage box.

You’d think that after three projects, I’d have had enough of wine crates, but no. I still have several projects on pinterest that I’d love to take on. So, to make a long story short – here’s my round-up of wine crate crafts.


1) Here’s a photo of the craft storage dresser my dad built for us. I don’t have a DIY for it, but I’ll work on it.

2) I love this wine crate herb garden from Stitch a Wish

3)Ā  This adorable towel holder from Sand and Sisal

4) This isn’t a DIY, but I would love to figure out how to make these wine crate ottomans. It think they’d be super cute on the patio as outdoor storage.

5) Of course, I had to include my wine crate šŸ˜‰

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