24 Hour Photography Project

This post was originally on my foreign language blog, but I decided to move it here. I came across this idea in Life of Melissa Ann Marie and I decided that I wanted to try it. My gig in San Diego with Taboo Band was the perfect opportunity because it was an extremely active and adventurous day. I hope you enjoy my 24 Hour Photography project from 2012. I might have to do a new one soon!

1200 – Working on my web site

0100 to 0700 – Sleeping

0800 – Drinking coffee and waking up

0900 – Reading your blogs, checking my email and getting directions

1000 to 1100 – Driving to San Diego

1200 – Arriving at the concert venue for load in

1300 – Getting ready for sound check

1400 – Sound check in preparation for the concert

1500 – Checking out the view outside the venue between soundcheck and dinner

1600 – Picking out my reeds for the concert

1700 – Setting up my saxophone and flute again as we get ready to perform

1800 – Eating dinner, getting ready for the concert

1900 – Helping to put together the video montages for the show

2000 – Watching the opening band perform

2100 to 2200 – Performing with the Sade Tribute group Taboo Band

2300 – Back on the road

2400 – My very sleepy puppy greeted me at the door excitedly and then passed out on the floor while I finished putting my saxes away

0100 – Finally getting to bed

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