Weekly Wishes // April 2014 Link Up

Weekly Wishes // April 2014 Link Up

6 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes // April 2014 Link Up

  1. And you said you have a hard time with goals and list-making! This is an impressive collection of things to accomplish. As usual, you are way more motivated than I am, so I will tip my hat to you while I continue to sit here, not exercising or learning Asian languages.

    • Ah, well, I took some inspiration from our previous conversation, sat down and thought hard about what I wanted to accomplish this month. So, thank you.

      And I believe you speak a good number of languages yourself, so…

      • You’re giving me way too much credit. Honestly, all my language-learning came through osmosis. If I hadn’t been educated in English, I probably wouldn’t have learned it at all. I don’t have the patience to study in a methodical way. If I did, I would have gone for Mandarin and Arabic. You are going to take over the world way sooner than I will.

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