Photos from a Show in Canada

In honour of my somewhat recent post on Canadica, I thought I would share a few photos from one of the times my tour took me to the land up North. I’ve been to Canada three times (I think now), and I’d love to go back! FYI, the Wave in Canada plays my albums so if you’re in the area, call in and request my songs!

One of the tours provided me with more downtime than usual so I decided to take a walk. I had lunch at a nearby Irish pub and wandered around this beautiful park across the way.


Today (well, Yesterday), I’m Calling It Franadica

So yesterday I had the great honour of guest posting on Canadica, a blog that unites Americans and Canadians (and even a few people who aren’t from either) “in one hilarious blog.” I don’t consider myself a comedic writer, but I gave it a go nonetheless.

I’ll settle for some eye rolls if the post doesn’t get you to laugh. 😉

Today, I’m Calling It Franadica.

via Today, I’m Calling It Franadica.