Making My New Year’s Resolutions Early

Shannon Kennedy recordig sax on U-Nam's album Weekend in LALast year I gave myself 6 resolutions to work towards and I can gladly say that I accomplished five out of the six. I had a few big ones on the list and hopefully I can maintain the momentum into the New Year. I’ve also upped the ante by adding a few more resolutions this year. You can read the original post here on my foreign language learning blog.  Anyone want to take a guess as to which I let slide? Haha.

So, this year I figured I would post my resolutions again. It helps keep me accountable and is a great way to reflect on the year. Here are my 2013 New Year’s Resolutions.

1. This year I’d like to finish another project whether it’s another one of my own or the collaboration idea that’s been discussed. It doesn’t have to be a full album, but it needs to at least be an EP.

2. Release a few singles. I have had a few ideas of releases and I’d like to get them all done. I have plans for about four singles.

3. I think that it’s really important to find the time to exercise more regularly. My exercise schedule is pretty irregular, so I’d like to make more time for it this year.

4. I hope Teen Jazz continues to grow the way that it has over the past few months. Ideally I’d like traffic to the site to be twice what it is today.

5. Be able to have basic conversations in language #5. I’m not sure if I announced what language I’d be studying this year, but I’m finally going to do share which language it will be… and it’s… Croatian! I had initially decided to study Russian this year, but my heart just wasn’t in it. Croatian is closer to my heart (my grandfather and my beau-fils) so I’m more motivated to learn it. Learning a language is already difficult enough without having to force yourself on top of it all.

6. Write a couple more eBooks. I recently wrote my first eBook for Teen Jazz and I’d like to write a few more.

7. Do the one thing I’ve been dreading for quite some time now… Fix my teeth. I’ve had braces but I stopped wearing my retainers and so they’ve moved and quite a bit. I’m going to take care of that this year.

8. Practice/play everyday for an entire year. This is going to be my most ambitious resolution. I practice almost everyday, but I haven’t EVER practiced EVERYDAY for an entire year. I’m going to make it a goal to practice or at least play EVERYDAY for an entire year. It doesn’t have to be my saxophone – it can be flute, piano, or guitar, but I have to do something. I’m going to use a don’t break the chain chart to keep track.

9. Cross at least one thing off my bucket list. More if I can.

10. And last but not least, I’m going to steal one from my goal list: Do something I’ve never done before. I know this sounds vague, but it’s really easy to fall into a routine. I’d like to try to do at least one thing I’ve never done whether that’s traveling to a new place, trying new food, a new activity, etc.

What are your goals for the new year?