A Third of the Way

On Monday I will be three and a half months through my Project 365 (practicing for at least an hour everyday for an entire year). I’ve practiced through the flu, a sinus infection, work, conferences, travel, and normal, healthy days. I’ve practiced in my car, at home, and in my hotel room.

That’s 102 straight days, 6760 minutes, 112.7 hours, at an average of 66.27 minutes per day. (If you’re wondering, I’m using askmeevery to track this.)

Some days it’s easy to pick up my sax and practice, others it’s a struggle, but I haven’t missed a day.

The hardest part is starting, but once my horn is out of the case and in my hands, I can play as long as I need to – in fact, I sometimes have to set a timer to remind myself to stop!

It’s still a bit early to tell how much practicing everyday has really done for my playing, but I can hear it in little ways and it’s enough to encourage me to keep going.

And I know this isn’t a groundbreaking revelation, but it’s a lot easier to love what you do if you feel confident when you’re doing it.

What do you love to do and how have you been making it a part of your life?