My 365 Project for 2013


Last year I started a 365 project with photos of one of the places I love most in the world – Paris. Unfortunately, I pulled the blog down where the pictures were hosting for various reasons. This year, I intended to do a 365 project with photos of France in general, but I decided to do something else instead.

My 365 Project for 2013 is to practice EVERY SINGLE DAY. I’ll chronicle my adventure here on the blog, through my YouTube channel, and through various social outlets such as Instagram/Flickr, Facebook and Twitter.

I’m pretty excited about this project even though I know it will be difficult! I can’t wait to see how much my playing changes over the next year.

If you’d like to follow my 365 project, I’ve listed my information below:

My Web Site | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram (or @sksaxgirl) | Flickr | YouTube | Google+

I hope you’ll join me on my journey! If you’re doing a 365 project this next year, I’d love to hear what it is!