And the Winners Are…

*Drum roll please*

Habojspade with “The Northern Wind” – this title was actually submitted for a previous contest, but I found it in my database and really liked it

Ariella with “Le Fin d’Hiver” – I know it isn’t exactly your title, but I liked the two of your suggestions together.

GiniBArtist with “Melancholy Minimalism” – Thanks for that great suggestion 😉

My father with “L’Appel au Soldat (the Battle)” – He also named “The Lost Voyage” on my previous EP. Apparently he’s just better at choosing titles than me.

Vierzonfrance with “Le Papillon et Le Tourbillon” – Also a slightly modified version of what was submitted, but the suggestion inspired the full title.

So now I will share a couple of my intermittent titles for the songs for a good laugh.

“Le Fin d’Hiver” was originally called “Mozart Takes Flight.” The style was somewhat of a tribute to composers from that era, but it also reminded me of a flying scene in a movie, hence the title. “Le Papillon et Le Tourbillon” was originally called the “The Cowboy Song” because the string parts made me think of, you guessed it, the Old West.

If you are one of the winners, please make sure you send your email information to so that I can send you the songs!

Win my New EP By Picking the Name of a Song

Hey everyone, I’m having a little contest. For the last album I had one song I offered for free if someone chose a title for it. This time I decided to open it up a little bit and let you pick pretty much every title. I have also made the prize better – instead of getting just one song, you get the whole EP.

So what do you have to do? Watch the video, pick one of the five songs and write your title in the comments. And don’t worry, you can pick more than one song and make more than one title suggestions. I’ll announce the winners early next week.

Have fun! I can’t wait to read your suggestions!

Another Weekend of Music Making

This past weekend I finished almost all of the writing for the EP, Printemps. I selected six songs out of the eight I was considering and five are finished – that leaves one more. Once I finish the writing on the last song, I will edit and mix then master the EP – that means it will be done either this weekend or early next week! I am considering putting up a sample so you can get a preview of what’s to come 🙂

I’m thinking of creating another song title competition (only one of the six songs has a title). If you have title suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments and if I use your title, I will send you a free copy of one of my songs.

Behind Your Eyes is also coming along. I was able to record guitar on one of the tracks this past weekend and I can’t wait to share the new music with you in September.

I also had a lot of fun performing with South Coast Singers this past weekend in Laguna Woods. We have a few more shows coming up – check out my performance calendar to see the schedule!

The new EP “Le Printemps” is Coming Later This Month

These last few weeks have been gloriously filled with music-making, rehearsing, composing, lyric writing and long practice sessions. I have been playing my new BG France ligature and absolutely loving every moment of it – I practice even more just so I can use it. I played with it at my Laguna Canyon Winery performance and I was so happy with its response! I better hurry up and order one for my tenor and another for my soprano soon.

As you know, I’ve been in the studio writing and recording two projects – Behind Your Eyes *my first full vocal album* and Le Printemps *the third in my Unfinished Compositions series.* Le Printemps will be out later this month and I’m really excited about it. Once Le Printemps is done, there is only one more EP left in the series – the entire collection will also feature a few bonus tracks. For those who subscribe to my email list, you actually receive one of the unreleased bonus tracks for free (but shh, that’s a secret).

I’ve finally finished writing all the songs for Behind Your Eyes, I’m in the middle of recording everything for the tracks and finishing up the lyrics. The album will be out this Fall.

I’ve also been rehearsing with South Coast Singers for their summer concert series. We have three performances this month in South Orange County and almost all three shows are already sold out! At the end of the month, I will be performing at Anthology with Taboo Band, a Sade tribute group.