24 Hour Photography Project

This post was originally on my foreign language blog, but I decided to move it here. I came across this idea in Life of Melissa Ann Marie and I decided that I wanted to try it. My gig in San Diego with Taboo Band was the perfect opportunity because it was an extremely active and adventurous day. I hope you enjoy my 24 Hour Photography project from 2012. I might have to do a new one soon!

1200 – Working on my web site

0100 to 0700 – Sleeping

0800 – Drinking coffee and waking up

0900 – Reading your blogs, checking my email and getting directions

1000 to 1100 – Driving to San Diego

1200 – Arriving at the concert venue for load in

1300 – Getting ready for sound check

1400 – Sound check in preparation for the concert

1500 – Checking out the view outside the venue between soundcheck and dinner

1600 – Picking out my reeds for the concert

1700 – Setting up my saxophone and flute again as we get ready to perform

1800 – Eating dinner, getting ready for the concert

1900 – Helping to put together the video montages for the show

2000 – Watching the opening band perform

2100 to 2200 – Performing with the Sade Tribute group Taboo Band

2300 – Back on the road

2400 – My very sleepy puppy greeted me at the door excitedly and then passed out on the floor while I finished putting my saxes away

0100 – Finally getting to bed

Photoshoots for Vibrato and Rheuben Allen Saxophones

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of photoshoots, interviews (both for Nivo Deux and for Teen Jazz), performances and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

U-Nam is working on a new album, so I’ve been in the studio recording saxes when I’m not practicing, writing for Teen Jazz or performing. There are quite a few great songs on the project and I’m just as excited as he is about it.

I love when things are busy like this. It’s really motivating and it definitely keeps you on your toes!

A side note, my birthday is this Sunday and so I’m doing something special for those of you on my mailing list. If you’re curious what it’s going to be, or if you want in, be sure to sign up before midnight on Saturday night!

And, of course, check out the photos from my latest photoshoot!



A Few Recent Updates

A lot has been going on the last few weeks and so I haven’t had time to write a post, but I wanted to share a few snapshots with you. We were Chartbound for the Billboard Charts with “Love’s No Distance” which was really exciting. I also had a photoshoot (new pics coming soon), several recording sessions for the new project and more.

I promise to write more soon!