I wrote my first ever eBook as a part of Teen Jazz. I’m really excited about it and I hope it helps the next generation of musicians with their album planning.

Teen Jazz

We’re really excited to announce the release of our first eBook on Teen Jazz.

You may have seen the first edition of it appear briefly as part of our 12 Deals of Christmas, and the response to the free version was overwhelmingly positive. So, we’ve decided to create a more complete version of the Album Checklist and release it as a bundle with editable versions of the checklists and worksheets.

The book is now available through the Teen Jazz website and will hopefully be available through other online retailers.

We’re so happy to introduce this new book to our community and we hope to get feedback on it to improve new editions (which for the time being, are free with the purchase of the current edition). With this book we hope to simplify the album release process and help you all keep your recording projects organized.

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Photos from a Show in Canada

In honour of my somewhat recent post on Canadica, I thought I would share a few photos from one of the times my tour took me to the land up North. I’ve been to Canada three times (I think now), and I’d love to go back! FYI, the Wave in Canada plays my albums so if you’re in the area, call in and request my songs!

One of the tours provided me with more downtime than usual so I decided to take a walk. I had lunch at a nearby Irish pub and wandered around this beautiful park across the way.